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Terms and condition of delivery service:

“Tawasy Shopping” initially offers free delivery service within 48 Hours.

  • Regular Delivery Service: is a free delivery service offered by “Tawasy Shopping” which takes up to 48 hours to have the order delivered at the consumer doorstep.
  • Express Delivery Service: is an additional delivery service offered free for orders above 30,000 SYP. Customers with orders below 30,000 SYP can also request for this service for an additional fee of 1,500 SYP.

Express Delivery Service takes up to 6 working hours from the order confirmation.


Note: Our current working hours are as follow:

Saturday – Thursday: from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Friday: Off


Areas included in the delivery service:


Abbasiyyin, Abu Rummaneh, Al Baramkeh, Al Qanawat, Al Wahdeh Garden, AlAffeef, AlAmeen Street, AlHariqah, AlJebbeh, AlJeser AlAbyad, AlMazra’ah, AlMuhajireen, AlRabweh, AlRawdah, AlShahbandar, AlTelyani, Amarah, Arnoos, As Souweqah, Assalhyah, Bab Sraijah, Bab Touma, Baghdad Street, Barzeh, Bostan Addour, Dummar, Dummar Project, East AlTijarah, Eastern Villas, Kafarsouseh, Kiwan, Malki, Mammouiye, Maysat, Mazanet Alshahem, Midan, Mount Mezzeh, Muhyee Alddeen, New Al Zahira, New Cham – Dummar Suburb, Old Al Zahira, Qaboon, Qabratkeh, Qassaa, Qusur, Rukken Alddeen, Saroujah, Shaalan, Shaghour Barrany, Shaghour Jouwany, Shikh Saad, Tanzeem Kafar-Sousah, Tijarah and Western Villas.


Damascus Countryside:

Ashrafeit AlWadi, Fardoos Subrub, Jdideh AlWadi, Qudsaya, Qudsaya Subrub, Qura Al Asad, Sabbora, and Yaafour.