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Delivery Information

Terms and conditions of delivery service:


Modification applied on 30th June 2022 to be effective from 1st July 2022


“Tawasy Shopping” offers delivery service with the following terms:


·      We do delivery the orders within 24 working hours, as we charge 3,000 SYP Per order.


Note: The delivery becomes free if the order value exceeds 50,000 SYP

Our current working hours are as follow:

Saturday – Thursday: from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Friday: Off


Areas included in the delivery service:

Abbasiyyin, Abu Rummaneh, Al Baramkeh, Al Qanawat, Al Wahdeh Garden, AlAffeef, AlAmeen Street, AlHariqah, AlJebbeh, AlJeser AlAbyad, AlMazra’ah, AlMuhajireen, AlRabweh, AlRawdah, AlShahbandar, AlTelyani, Amarah, Arnoos, As Souweqah, Assalhyah, Bab Sraijah, Bab Touma, Baghdad Street, Barzeh, Dummar, Dummar Project, East AlTijarah, Eastern Villas, Kafarsouseh, Kiwan, Malki, Mammouiye, Maysat, Midan, Mount Mezzeh, Muhyee Alddeen, New Al Zahira, New Cham – Dummar Suburb, Old Al Zahira, Qaboon, Qabratkeh, Qassaa, Qusur, Rukken