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Cherry Tea

Sweid company for trade, was established in 1963, in Aleppo, capital of Syrian commerce and industry. Since established, its purpose was the general trade, where its activities, started by trading of foodstuffs and chemical materials, depending on direct selling through, its adjunct post centers.

In 1987, the company started a new period in its history, for the first time, by importing foodstuffs and chemical materials, that Syrian market need.

In its importation, the company relies on the best, known and famous sources, and insists about high quality, of its imported goods… believing that, it is very important, to establish a strong trademark.

The company distributes, its goods through, a network of agents.

As result of its strategies, and its strict engagements of high quality, the company became one of leadership foodstuffs exporters. “Especially the tea “, and the trademark “Sweid for trade ” as well, became an inspiring name of both, trust and responsibility.

Concerning future plan, the company intend to distribute its imported goods, directly to consumers, and to utilize its name “Sweid for trade”, in all future imported articles.

Thus, Sweid Company, became a major company, with an unlimited ambition.

Coffee : is an evergreen tropical tree. The beans of coffee tree, are roasted and then ground to prepare the Worldwide most preferred hot drink.
The United States consumes one fifth of the global production, and is the biggest consumer in the world.Italy, Brazil, Britain, France and Japan, is also big consumers of coffee. Brazil produces 25 % of the global production of coffee and coffee is considered of high importance for many countries in Latin America.
Sweid Company imports the high quality of Brazilian coffee .

Rice : rice can be cooked, in different ways, and is considered, the essential meal for many people, especially, the Asian nations.
Harvested rice is inedible, and therefore, it goes through the following processing steps, in the rice mills

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